COSMIAC's third CubeSat mission will study ionosphere

Kim Delker, University Of New Mexico

The project, called Scintillation Observations and Response of the Ionosphere to Electrodynamics (SORTIE), will involve the launch of a CubeSat to collect data to study the ionospheric F-region. The goal of the mission will be to evaluate how our current knowledge and models of some aspects of the ionosphere relates to reality. The SORTIE mission features a 6U satellite, which stands for 6 units. Craig Kief, deputy director of COSMIAC, explained that the 6U CubeSat is a relatively new format for CubeSats and there have been few 6U satellite launches, especially at university centers. This latest mission will also help establish COSMIAC, a part of the School of Engineering, as a center of expertise in this area.

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