Being open about data privacy

Can anonymity and accountability coexist?

Quantum-teleportation experiments turn 20

Open-access quantum computer goes live in Japan

Harvard Scientists Made a Material That Creates Completely New States of Light

Researchers develop data bus for quantum computer

Open Source Election System Certified

Scientists aim to use lasers to turn light into matter

A Synthetic Microbe Could Be the Next Antibiotic

Researchers achieve random access in large-scale DNA data storage

New quantum method generates really random numbers

Our Climate Is Changing Rapidly. It’s Time to Talk About Geoengineering.

The future of crop engineering 

SpaceX's rocket to Mars blasts off, puts sports car in space

Galileo liftoff replay

Spaceport prepares

Watch Live As SpaceX Launches the Koreasat-5A on a Falcon 9 Rocket

Stephen Hawking, 1942–2018

Report highlights opportunities and risks associated with synthetic biology and bioengineering

For the First Time, Scientists Used Gene Editing Inside a Living Patient

Sentinel-5P timelapse

We Are Officially Sending a Habitat to Orbit the Moon

Image: Studying the genetics of organisms in space

Researchers create new 'letters' to enhance DNA functions

A History of Microprocessor Debug, 1980–2016

A fully open source satellite, new resources from the Linux Foundation, and more news

Storing Data In DNA Brings Nature Into The Digital Universe

Quantum physics paves the way for new chemical products

Whales and dolphins have rich 'human-like' cultures and societies

LIGO announces detection of gravitational waves from colliding neutron stars

International team observes first radio counterpart to gravitational waves

Hubble observes source of gravitational waves for the first time

ESO telescopes observe first light from gravitational wave source

An Introduction to Regular Expressions for New Linux Users

The Internet of Things: 10 Types of Enterprise Deployments

Google will be powered by 100% renewable energy by 2018

Achieving high-value chemical diversity for the pharmaceutical artificial intelligence

Google Infrastructure Security Design Overview

Researchers discuss the future impact of today's nanotech research

Designing drugs aimed at a different part of life's code

Milestone: 100 Million Certificates Issued

Pest resistance to biotech crops surging

9 Lessons From 25 Years of Linux Kernel Development

Human brain recalls visual features in reverse order than it detects them

ATLAS experiment studies fragments of the top quark

Migrating birds use a magnetic map to travel long distances

The crown jewel of the HL-LHC magnets

Even non-migratory birds use a magnetic compass

ATLAS Experiment searches for new symmetries of nature

Life on Earth is used to gravity – so what happens to our cells and tissues in space?

Researchers store computer operating system and short movie on DNA

'Quartz' crystals at the Earth's core power its magnetic field

Magnetic stem cells for gene engineering

LIGO's gravitational-wave discovery is Physics World 2016 Breakthrough of the Year

Scientists create electric circuits inside plants

Amber specimen offers rare glimpse of feathered dinosaur tail

Geologist uncovers 2.5 billion-year-old fossils of bacteria that predate the formation of oxygen

2017 Nobel Goes to Gravitational Waves

First open-access data from large collider confirm subatomic particle patterns

Snake eats lizard eats beetle: Fossil food chain from the Messel Pit examined

Cassini’s 10 best pictures from its 13-year voyage around Saturn

First Pluto Features Officially Named

Curiosity Rover Watches Clouds on Mars

25 years of Linux in 5 minutes

First steps: returning humanity to the Moon

Liftoff replay

SmallGEO liftoff

Researchers explore possibilities of growing plants on Mars

KAGRA: Japan’s Underground Einstein Wave Detector

Proxima liftoff

Galileo liftoff replay

A record of ancient tectonic stress on Mars

XENON1T, the most sensitive detector on Earth searching for WIMP dark matter, releases its first result

First On-Chip Nanoscale Optical Quantum Memory Developed

ATLAS Experiment explores how the Higgs boson interacts with other bosons

Probability that the quantum world obeys local realism is less than one in a billion, experiment shows

Entanglement distributed over 1200 km by quantum satellite

When helium behaves like a black hole

The discovery of Majorana fermion

Here's what open-heart surgery at the LHC looks like

Single atom memory: The world's smallest storage medium

Quantum entanglement between a single photon and a trillion of atoms

How the insights of the Large Hadron Collider are being made open to everyone

Researchers use neural networks for odor recognition

Machine learning approach could aid the design of industrial processes for drug manufacturing

Revolutionary process could signal new era for gene synthesis

First molecules discovered by next-generation artificial intelligence to be developed into drugs

Programming human cells to follow sets of logical instructions

Sentinel-2B timelapse

Bridging the advances in AI and quantum computing for drug discovery and longevity research

Practical challenges in quantum key distribution

Tiny cavefish may help humans evolve to require very little sleep

New algorithms may revolutionize drug discoveries -- and our understanding of life

World's biggest telescope meets world's second fastest supercomputer

Revolutions in understanding the ionosphere, Earth's interface to space

Autism and human evolutionary success

Driving mosquito evolution to fight malaria

Brain development: How a 'molecular compass' regulates proper cell division

Artificial blood vessels developed in the lab can grow with the recipient

Black hole made in the lab shows signs of quantum entanglement

Researchers discover that DNA naturally fluoresces

Americans worried about using gene editing, brain chip implants and synthetic blood

Timelapse: A Year on Earth Seen from 1 Million Miles Away

SpaceX launches DNA sequencer and new docking port to the ISS

Learn an instrument with this open source music teacher

Smallest Hard Disk to Date Writes Information Atom by Atom

The moon in High Resolution

Researchers blur the line between classical and quantum physics by connecting chaos and entanglement

Electrical waves travel through bioengineered tissue

Lab storing information securely in DNA

How do you turn a mosquito's genes on and off?

Create Your Own Neural Paintings using Deep Learning

Researchers harness DNA as the engine of super-efficient nanomachine

Spectacular VLT images of Jupiter presented just days before the arrival of the Juno spacecraft

Synthetic biology needs robust safety mechanisms before real world application

What are asteroids made of?

Humans artificially drive evolution of new species

How computers are learning to be creative | Blaise Agüera y Arcas

10 years of evolving biotech

DSCOVR is the linchpin of next-generation space weather forecasts

Human trial to begin for curing cancer using CRISPR gene-editing tool

Mapping coal's decline and the renewables' rise

Artificial synapse rivals biological ones in energy consumption

Personalised medicine will employ computer algorithms

Genetic algorithms can improve quantum simulations

The call of the sea: Mammalian evolutionary transitions back to the sea

Quantum computer makes first high-energy physics simulation

3D Printing Human Organs In Space? Microgravity Test Successful | Video

LIGO Detects Second Black Hole Collision

Engineers develop a new biosensor chip for detecting DNA mutations

Deep learning system for drug discovery to be presented at the Machine Intelligence Summit in Berlin

Sentinel-1B timelapse

Light-matter interplay probed: Physicists achieve quantum Hall state with light

How the Sun was born

Gene circuits in live cells can perform complex computations

NIST's super quantum simulator 'entangles' hundreds of ions

Scientists unveil plan to create synthetic human genomes

Dead or Alive, Schrödinger's Cat Can Be in 2 Boxes at Once

New radio map of Jupiter reveals what's beneath colorful clouds

NASA is laser-focused on deep space communication

Bilingualism and the brain: How language shapes our ability to process information

Life in 3-D: Scientists pave the way for understanding the role of non-coding DNA in common genetic diseases

Synthetic DNA vaccine against MERS induces immunity in animal study

Research examines relationship between autism and creativity

Physicists isolate neutrinos from Earth's mantle for first time

Worcester Polytechnic Institute team awarded patent for reprograming skin cells

A guide to CRISPR gene activation

Powerful DNA 'Editing' Has Arrived, Are We Ready for It?

What Is Photosynthesis?

Weyl fermions are spotted at long last

Exploring the Higgs boson's dark side

Rare form: Novel structures built from DNA emerge

How light is detected affects the atom that emits it

Weyl points, first predicted in 1929, observed for the first time

How birds learn foreign languages

Agriculture's next frontier? Growing plants in space

LHCb claims discovery of two pentaquarks

What causes lightning?

Can gene editing provide a solution to global hunger?

Successful heart transplant after using experimental artificial heart

Scientists create synthetic membranes that grow like living cells

Discovery of a fundamental limit to the evolution of the genetic code

How spacetime is built by quantum entanglement

James Webb Space Telescope's golden mirror unveiled

2016 Future of Open Source Survey Says Open Source Is The Modern Architecture

World's first genetic modification of human embryos reported: Experts consider ethics

About time: New record for atomic clock accuracy

Detector at the South Pole explores the mysterious neutrinos

The atom without properties

MESSENGER completes 4,000th orbit of Mercury

Theory of the strong interaction verified: Supercomputer calculates mass difference between neutron and proton

CRISPR technology brings precise genetic editing – and raises ethical questions

Explainer: What are fundamental particles?

New Mercury surface composition maps illuminate the planet's history

CERN's revamped particle smasher ready to push physics into unknown

Design and build of synthetic DNA goes back to 'BASIC'

Bioengineers put human hearts on a chip to aid drug screening

The first ever photograph of light as a particle and a wave

How can space travel faster than the speed of light?

Your kids might live on Mars. Here's how they'll survive | Stephen Petranek

Magnitude of plastic waste going into the ocean calculated: 8 million metric tons of plastic enter the oceans per year

NASA spacecraft completes 40,000 Mars orbits

Researcher explores how the universe creates reason, morality

Comet landing named Physics World 2014 Breakthrough of the Year

Bilingual brains better equipped to process information

Researchers use single molecule of DNA to create world's smallest diode

A programming language for living cells

Fermilab’s NOvA neutrino experiment kicks off

Fermilab's 500-mile neutrino experiment up and running

Scientists generate a new type of human stem cell that has half a genome

Mars Gravity Map

On the evolution of how we have defined time, time interval and frequency since antiquity

Time-Lapse: The Assembly of the James Webb Space Telescope Primary Mirror

Distortions in curvature of space-time

EDRS launch in short

Launch timelapse

Solar Chromosphere #2

Solar Chromosphere #1

Galileo lifts off

Principia liftoff

Scientists paint a detailed picture of the chemical structure of oceans 520 million years ago

Double quantum-teleportation milestone is Physics World 2015 Breakthrough of the Year

Shaking bosons into fermions

Tapping particles of light: Scientists single out individual photons

NIST adds to quantum computing toolkit with mixed-atom logic operations

UC Davis scientists demonstrate DNA-based electromechanical switch

On human gene editing: International summit statement

Particle accelerator on a microchip

From a million miles away, NASA camera shows moon crossing face of Earth

Celebrating 50 Years of Exploring the Red Planet

Today in Engineering History: Open Source OS Revolution

Revealed—the single event that made complex life possible in our oceans

How El Niño Affects the Weather

Hubble Space Telescope Marking 25th Anniversary in Orbit

NOAA's DSCOVR: Offering a new view of the solar wind

RCas9: A programmable RNA editing tool

Why bioethics literacy matters

100% Renewable Electricity: Is It Possible Right Now?

Lower Austria Claims 100% Renewable Electricity

MAVEN results: Delving into the atmosphere of Mars

Rosetta spacecraft arrives at comet destination

NASA's MESSENGER spacecraft's 10 years in space

We can now edit our DNA. But let's do it wisely | Jennifer Doudna

Genetic engineering boosts energy transport in artificial photosynthesis

Physicists have learned how to restore the entanglement of 'untangled' quantum light

Learn it Faster: The Complete Linux Kernel in a Single Map

Watch 2,600 years of culture spread across the world in 5 minutes

The Ultimate Coders: Revolutionary New Tool Can Rewrite DNA

Can magnetically levitating trains run at 3,000km/h?

New Horizons: A Billion Miles to 2014 MU69

When black holes collide

FLOSS Weekly 355: Suckless

Google's Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software works for 248+ languages

CERN: Confirms the Fundamental Symmetry of the Universe

Unlocking secrets of how fossils form

Deep Learning Machine Teaches Itself Chess in 72 Hours, Plays at International Master Level

Fortifying computer chips for space travel

The mysterious dark energy that speeds the universe's rate of expansion

It's go time for LUX-Zeplin dark matter experiment

I leapt from the stratosphere. Here's how I did it | Alan Eustace

NASA spacecraft provides new information about sun's atmosphere

Explore the Space Station

Launch replay

Liftoff replay

Ariane 5’s second launch of 2015

50 years of spacewalks

Futura timelapse

Touchdown! Rosetta’s Philae probe lands on comet

Galileo liftoff - replay

Replay ATV-5 liftoff

A Photon’s Million-Year Journey From the Center of the Sun

How Fast Does the Earth Move as it Orbits the Sun?

8 accessible Linux distributions to try

New Theory of the Molecular Origins of Life

A 10-year endeavor: NASA's Aura and climate change

The quantum spin Hall effect is a fundamental property of light

Is the universe a hologram?

Moore's Law at 50: Its past and its future - ExtremeTech

Quantum teleportation on a chip

'Tipping point' between quantum and classical worlds identified

Quantum mechanic frequency filter for atomic clocks

Quantum measurement is for the birds, but is not essential for plants

Scientists Capure First Image of the “Fingerprint” of Light That Shows it as Both a Particle and Wave

Two quantum properties teleported together for first time

Open source and open data's role in modern meteorology

What is open science?

Magnetosphere Mission Launches

Andromeda in HD! --Largest NASA/Hubble Image Ever Assembled

The Only Existing Photo of Einstein Blackboarding His E=MC2 Formula (Weekend Feature)

How old is the universe?

Pluto's escaping atmosphere extends 1,000 miles out into space

The Science of How the Universe Will End, in a Poetic Animation

European Space Agency’s Philae Probe Sends Astounding First Images from Comet Landing

Mountains of height 11,000 ft found on Pluto

Pluto's 3 billion-mile closeup

Elusive New Pentaquark Particle Discovered After 50-Year Hunt

Large Hadron Collider: New physics in sight?

Shrinking dinosaurs evolved into flying birds

Beyond Pluto—New Horizons' mission is not over yet

NASA Spacecraft at Pluto's Doorstep 3 Billion Miles from Earth --Poised for Six-Month Encounter

Einstein on the Common Language of Science in a Rare 1941 Recording

New method of quantum entanglement packs vastly more data in a photon

Japanese Firm Plans World’s First Underwater City Powered by Sustainable Energy

Inside the Large Hadron Collider: How IT Powers the Greatest Experiment in History

Stephen Hawking Talks About the Linux-Based Intel Connected Wheelchair Project

Shubhendu Sharma: How to grow a tiny forest anywhere

Linux for lettuce

Spooky Quantum Entanglement Reveals Invisible Objects

When the Visible Universe was Less than One Microsecond Old --Researchers Simulate Birth of the Cosmos

Free Software and Free Culture: Open Source's Influence on Society