First molecules discovered by next-generation artificial intelligence to be developed into drugs

InSilico Medicine

Thursday, July 27, 2017, Baltimore, Md., Insilico Medicine (Insilico), a Baltimore-based leader in artificial intelligence (AI) for drug discovery and biomarker development, is pleased to announce a multi-year drug development agreement with the biotechnology company Juvenescence AI Limited (Juvenescence AI). Juvenescence AI will develop the first compounds generated by Insilico’s deep-learned drug discovery engines, which train over structural, functional, and phenotypic data in order to predict the biological activity of compounds. Juvenescence AI has agreed to license selected novel and repurposed compound families from Insilico on an ongoing basis, with the aim of developing therapies for both ageing itself and the diseases of ageing, such as diabetes, dementia, cancer, respiratory disease and cardiovascular disease, which increasingly burden our health care systems as the world’s population continues to age. Insilico Medicine’s approach has massive potential to reduce the cost associated with the discovery of new drugs, said Juvenescence’s Chairman, Jim Mellon, adding, We are excited by the potential for AI to streamline the longest and most costly portions of the drug development cycle: clinical trials. About Juvenescence AI Limited Juvenescence AI Limited is a drug development and artificial intelligence company focussed on ageing and age-related diseases.

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