MicroBooNE experiment sees first cosmic muons

Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab)

This is the first detector of this size and scale we’ve ever launched in the U.S. for use in a neutrino beam, so it’s a very important milestone for the future of neutrino physics, said Sam Zeller, co-spokesperson for the MicroBooNE collaboration. Picking up cosmic muons is just one brief stop during MicroBooNE’s expedition into particle physics. One of MicroBooNE’s goals is to measure how often a neutrino that interacts with an argon atom will produce certain types of particles. MicroBooNE will carry signals up to two and a half meters across the detector, the longest drift ever for a LArTPC in a neutrino beam. The field has chosen liquid argon as its future technology, and all eyes are on us to see if our detector will work.

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