Physicists entangle qubits in a semiconductor at room temperature – Physics World

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Entanglement engineer: Paul Klimov in the lab The quantum entanglement of a large ensemble of spins in a semiconductor has been carried out at room temperature for the first time, by researchers in the US. The team entangled more than 10,000 copies of two-qubit entangled states in a commercial silicon-carbide (SiC) wafer at ambient conditions. It uses a combination of infrared laser light with microwave and radio-frequency pulses to entangle nearly 10,000 two-qubit electron and neutron spin pairs. The team first “initializes” or polarizes the system, in a very small magnetic field using infrared laser light. This, according to Awschalom, is probably the biggest challenge in scaling up any quantum system – at room or cryogenic temperatures – into a useful quantum technology.

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