Sugarcane Bioethanol Project in Sierra Leone Underscores the Challenge of Producing Bioenergy in the Developing World

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As the SEI research team recounts in “Agricultural investment and rural transformation: a case study of the Makeni bioenergy project in Sierra Leone,” the Ebola outbreak in May 2014 took a terrible toll on the nation and the Makeni project, increasing costs, delaying development and driving it to the edge of viability. Touting its intention that Makeni serve “as a benchmark for sustainable investment in Africa, ABSL was able to obtain funding from six regional development banks, according to the report. An Uncertain Future The outbreak of Ebola this past May imposed deep and lasting costs in Sierra Leone. Furthermore, ABSL and AOG are thoroughly reviewing all projected options for the future. All Images Credit: Addax Bioenergy Sierra Leone (ABSL)

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