Using SSH keys instead of passwords

Michael Boelen

Using SSH keys instead of passwords Linux systems are usually managed remotely with SSH (secure shell). [[email protected] ~]# ssh-keygen -l -f .ssh/id_rsa 4096 98:eb:9a:f7:94:bf:a0:a1:4b:55:ca:82:c3:24:46:b8 .ssh/ (RSA) As you can see in this example, the tool will select the public key, even if you don’t provide they private key. If you used PuTTYgen to create the key, it will give you the string to add to the authorized_keys file. When logging in with the agent, we see something like “Authenticating with public key “rsa-key-20150316″ from agent”. Now you can use ssh and connect to your configured system(s) without a password.

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