Will we ever colonize Mars?

Matt Williams

Let’s go over them one by one… Benefits: As already mentioned, there are many interesting similarities between Earth and Mars that make it a viable option for colonization. Over time, planting on the native soil could also help to create a breathable atmosphere. About 95% of the planet’s atmosphere is carbon dioxide, which means that in addition to producing breathable air for their habitats, settlers would also not be able to go outside without a pressure suit and bottled oxygen. Credit: Bryan Versteeg/Mars One Proposed Missions: NASA’s proposed manned mission to Mars – which is slated to take place during the 2030s using the Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle (MPCV) and the Space Launch System (SLS) – is not the only proposal to send humans to the Red Planet. There may come a day when, after generations of terraforming and numerous waves of colonists, that Mars will begin to have a viable economy as well.

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